Block Connectors

Block Connectors

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When was the last time you needed to borrow a cup of sugar (or a power tool)? Who tells you when you accidentally leave your door open?

Block Connectors are our solution to these questions and so many more!

A NeighborGood Block Connector is a good listener, periodic social coordinator, and frequent point person for their designated area (e.g., a block). In other words, they’re like a member of that friendly group of kids from your youth who were quick with a smile and radiated that “Let’s do life” together vibe.

If you’re not already a Block Connector, want to be one, and live in Edina, MN … well then, contact us and we’ll explore the rewarding role together.

If you are already one of our awesome Block Connectors or want to see some of the resources we provide for them, this resource page is for you!

Block Connector Resources

We like making your connecting easier and more fun. So we’ve created a bunch of nifty resources to help you get started or keep going.

What’s Next?

Let us know what else you’d like us to create for you and we’ll see what we can do. :)

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